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Education system leaders from 12 countries came together at the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) to discuss how they can work together to transform education systems, so that every learner can develop the skills and knowledge they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

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New Zealand hosted the 12th Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) event for education system leaders from  November 22-24 in Auckland, followed by visits to sites of education excellence that cover the full range of education provision in the NZ education system.

Pakuranga College was one of them.

Schools were invited to submit a proposal to the Ministry of Education demonstrating how they epitomise exemplary practice using the new ERO best practice indicators and only a few were selected to host the visitors.

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By John Bush

I had the great privilege in November of being a delegate to the most recent convening of the Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP), held in Auckland, New Zealand. This year, GELP convened a global ‘network of networks’: bringing together a cross-sectoral group of change makers working towards education transformation. Our SVA education team was invited, and I attended with my colleagues Matt Deeble and Sue Cridge.

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