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As we hurtle through the second decade of the 21st century, the pressure for radical change to mainstream education is becoming ever more urgent.

Redesigning Education captures the journeys of cities and countries around the world as they travel from the education systems they have to the education systems they want and need. It also highlights the tools and processes they are using along the way.

The official launch of the book took place in Sydney, Australia on 6 May at the GELP conference. The UK launch took place at the Royal Society for Arts in June 2013.

Redesigning Education is about what it takes to transform education systems when the context in which they've flourished fundamentally alters. While a fully operational 21st century education system does not yet exist, GELP teams are identifying a clear set of models and practices that together form a 'roadmap' to the future, backed up by the practical lessons drawn from their experiences. More than simply a compelling case for change, Redesigning Education offers real insights grown from stories of system transformation around the globe.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon now. 

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