What is GELP?

Over six years the Global Education Leaders’ partnership has created the most powerful alliance of global education leaders committed to transforming learning systems to meet the needs of learners.

As we hurtle through the second decade of the 21st Century, the pressure for radical change to mainstream education is urgent and images for what that future might look like are emerging. But, there is a problem. There is no version of this complex, exciting new world of learning that can arrive ready to open for business on Monday morning. GELP shares the journeys of cities and countries around the world as they travel from the education systems they have to the education systems they want and need - and highlights the tools and processes they are using along the way.

The partnership is a community of thought leaders and consultants from world-class organizations, collaborating in a global community with teams of key system education leaders who are seriously committed both to transforming education in practice and to developing the personal skills they need to lead the changes required.  At the heart of GELP’s vision is the fostering of new pedagogies, curricula and assessment methods that enable every student to develop higher order capabilities. For this to be realised, appropriate technology, leadership, professional development, policies and governance also have to be in place.  The three key aims of the Partnership are to:

  1. radically transform education for the future; it is for others to pursue the important work of improvement in the existing paradigm.
  2. set aside competition and league tables, preferring instead to collaborate to learn with and from each other.
  3. focus on education systems and system conditions and understanding how these affect learners and learning at scale.

GELP is the ‘network of networks’.

GELP already includes participation from education system leaders from Finland, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, USA, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, China, India and New Zealand.

GELP brings together education leaders, social entrepreneurs, business, politics and civil society. It works with likeminded international organisations including Centre for Education Research and Innovation (OECD), Brookings Institute (Washington DC), The World Innovation Summit on Education (Qatar), Asia Society and the Global Cities Education Network (New York), New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning (Toronto), the Centre for Curriculum Redesign (Boston), Global Education Futures (Russia) and the International Summit on the Teaching Profession (OECD/Education International) to name a few!

GELP is an initiative supported by the Innovation Unit and generously partnered by the Ellen Koshland Family Fund.

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