GELP New Zealand 2015

GELP New Zealand was held in Auckland in November 2015 and focused on three themes:

  • what is learning for
  • the shared responsibility for learning and
  • innovative learning environments.

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For easy reference workshop presentations are listed below​, by theme,​ and accompanied by supporting materials​:​


Introduction to GELP and to New Zealand
Hon Hekia Parata New Zealand Minister of Education


Transforming education for the 21st century


Valerie Hannon, Director, Innovation Unit The GELP journey so far
Theme 1

·       What is learning for: ways of knowing and what is worth knowing informed by indigenous/First Nation perspectives, the growing diversity of our populations and the needs of society and economy.

Valerie Hannon, Director, Innovation Unit What is learning for?

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Alexis Menton, Executive Director, Program Development, Asia Society Center for Global Education, USA Developing 21st century competencies for all students

A Rosetta Stone for Noncognitive Skills: Understanding, Assessing, and Enhancing Noncognitive Skills in Primary and Secondary Education

(Asia Society and Professional Examination Service)

Measuring 21st Century Competencies: Guidance for Educators

(Asia Society and RAND Corporation)



Watson Ohia
Principal, Ngā Taiātea Wharekura & Uenuku Fairhall Principal, Te Kura o Te Koutu 
Ki te āo hou i te āo tawhito – Ancestrally Driven, future focused

Nga Kura a Iwi Information Booklet


Jeanette Pope
Director of Director of Strategy, Policy and Research, Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) 
Education and the New Work Order

The New Work Order Report



Prof Pavel Luksha
Director, Global Education Futures 
From Knowledge-Based Economy to a Wisdom-Based Society

Introduction of the concept

N.Dalal (2008) Wisdom Networks: Towards a Wisdom-Based Society. In: Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 19, pp. 11-18

OECD (1996)  The Knowledge-Based Economy. Report OCDE/GD(96)102


Robert Randall
CEO, Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority 
Ways of knowing: Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum



Theme 2

·       The shared responsibility for learning: co-ownership of learning outcomes through collaboration of education systems, local communities and new partners.

Charles Leadbeater, Author & Innovator


The shared responsibility for learning

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Prof Pavel Luksha
Director, Global Education Futures 
Creating a Learning Ecosystem: strategies for success

Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem. Knowledge Works Report (2012)

Global Education Future – report of GEF-California session (2015)


Barbara Bellissimo
CEO, The Fund for Transforming Education & Dr Tom Shelton Executive Director, Kentucky Association of School Superintendents, USA 
Kentucky Rising - transforming our learning system for global readiness

Kentucky Rising: 9 Building Blocks



David Istance
Project Leader and Senior Researcher, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD 
Frameworks and tools from OECD Innovative Learning Environments Project

Schooling Redesigned: Towards innovative learning systems



Thomas Gilliford
Manager, Creative Learning and Development, The Royal Society of the Arts, UK 
How education systems can support innovation: a report to WISE

Creative Public Leadership



Simon Heath
Principal and Co-Lead Principal of the two Blenheim Communities of Learning 
An approach to a new nervous system for education

Investing in Educational Success


Mark Ramsankar
President & Jeff Johnson, Executive Staff Officer, Alberta Teachers Association 
Building a mystery – unleashing innovation in public education systems


Theme 3

·       Innovative learning environments: new models for learning, new pedagogies, digital learning and the educator workforce for the future.

Professor Yong Zhao
Presidential Chair, University of Oregon, USA 
Innovative learning environments

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Aija Rinkinen
Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education 
New environments in Finnish education: digital perspective

Finland, a land of solutions



Mike Hollings
CEO, Te Kura Correspondence School, New Zealand 
Big Picture Education: one student at a time

Big Picture NZ by distance (video)

The Big Picture Design and the Australian Curriculum (video)

10 Expectations animation


Stacey Quince
Principal, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, Sydney and NSW Department of Education, Futures Learning Unit
Keren Caple
Senior Associate, Innovation Unit, Asia Pacific 
Learning Frontiers

Learning Frontiers



Barbara Dale-Jones
Communities of Practice: transforming approaches to teaching and learning in South Africa

Axis Education Summit 2015



Lynn Davie
Co-Cluster Lead New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Australia
Dr Simon Breakspear
CEO, Learn Labs International 
New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: innovation lessons from Australia

A Rich Seam



Margot Foster
Director Pedagogy and Leadership, South Australian Department for Education and Child Development 
Activating student partnerships to accelerate learning


Dr Michelle Dickinson (aka Nanogirl)
Senior lecturer Engineering
Mary Wootton
Lead Facilitator Science Learning & Change Networks, University of Auckland
Professor Stuart McNaughton ONZM, New Zealand Chief Education Scientific Advisor & Director, Woolf Fisher Research Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland 
Creating educational equity in STEM

Nanogirl Live Science Show! Blow things up, Blow things over, Blow your mind!


GELP Clinics
Ellen Koshland
Founder, Australian Learning Lecture
Dave Faulkner
CEO, Educhangemakers 
The Passion Index: a new learning metric

Readings Passion Led Learning: a background paper, October 2015


Dr Godwin Khosa
CEO, National Education Collaboration Trust 
Impacting South Africa's education system through an innovation strategy


Kim Proctor
A/Director, Futures Learning Unit, NSW Department of  Education
Stacey Quince
Principal, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School & NSW Department of Education, Futures Learning Unit 
A Futures Learning Unit: driving systemic innovation


Ismael Palacín Giner
Director, Fundació Jaume Bofill 
How to build an innovation eco-system in your country?

Fundació Jaume Bofill


Jayne Johnston
Chief Education Officer
Anne Millard
Executive Director, School and Preschool Improvement, Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia 
Collective accountability for improvement - harnessing the power of partnership

A High Performing System


Dr Marcel van Loo
Principal/Board Director, Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs (OMO) The Netherlands 
A new starting point for education in The Netherlands?

The Dutch Education System