New Metrics

The GELP community have been interrogating the question of new metrics across three events. In the run up to Sydney a group gathered to ask in this paper: what kind of outcomes should new assessments and metrics seek to measure? Following this, we took a step back and asked, are there other ways of using metrics to move systems towards transformation? In this paper we looked at how a value chain could help with that approach. Between the Delhi and Sydney events, we focussed in on the question of end of school assessments, asking, how could we redesign this key transition moment to catalyse, rather than hold back, the transformation of learning? This paper summarises our work to that point. 

On this page you can find a collection of resources that have been generated in pursuit of these questions. Members may also find useful these collections from the Asia Society and partners on new approaches to assessment: this recent (April 2014) paper on assessing Deeper Learning, as well as this earlier paper on assessing C21st skills.

Key resources:

San Francisco, May 2014

January - May 2014

New Delhi, October 2013

Sydney, May 2013

January - May 2013